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Naimish Tirth Sthit Shiv Mandir and Ghat, Nauch
Naimish Tirtha, Nauch
Category Religious

Naimish Tirtha Sthit Shiv Temple and Ghat, Nauch This shrine named Naimish is about 17 km from Kaithal. The distance…

Gyarah rudri shiv mandir
Gyarah Rudri Shiv Temple
Category Religious

Gyarah Rudri Shiv Temple One such Shiva temple, where different abhishekas have different significance. There is Sri Eleven Rudri Shiva…

Falgu Rishi Tirth Sthit Mandir and Ghat, Pharal
Phalgu Rishi Tirtha, Pharal
Category Religious

Temple and Ghats located at Phalgu Rishi Tirtha, Pharal This shrine, named Phalgu Tirtha, is about 21 km from Kaithal….

Pawan Hrad Teerth, Pabnawa
Pawan Hrad Tirtha, Pabnawa
Category Religious

Pawanhrad literally means the lake related to the wind god. This shrine was named Pawanhrad because of its association with…

Kapil Muni Tirth, Kalayat
Kapil Muni Tirtha, Kalayat
Category Religious

This shrine named Kapilmuni is about 26 km from Kaithal. The distance is located in a town called Kalayat, which…

Kotikuta Tirtha -Keorak
Kotikuta Tirtha -Keorak
Category Religious

Kotikuta Tirtha is situated 10 kms away from Kaithal-Pehowa road. It is commonly believed that person becomes sinless after bathing…

Rinamochana Tirtha - Rasina
Rinamochana Tirtha – Rasina

Vamana, Brahma and Matsya Puranas describe about its sanctity and importance widely. Mahabharata does not refer about it. Pauranika scriptures…