Kotikuta Tirtha -Keorak


Tirtha is situated 10 kms. away from Kaithal-Pehowa road Devi Kunti, suffering from the feeling of hate towards herself, on the advice of a saint, bathed here and become sin-free. It is commonly believed that person becomes sinless after bathing here. In the 25th chapter’s, Verses 41, Brahma Purana says:

‘Saptarsikundam tatha tirtha devyaha sujambukam |
Ihaspadam kotikutam kindanam kimjapam tatha ||’

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport from Kaithal is Chandigarh Airport and is approx. 120 Kms away. The Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi is 190.6 Kms away.

By Train

Kaithal Railway Station is 12 Kms away from Kotikuta Tirtha - Keorak.

By Road

It will take 17 min(approx.) via NH152 and 21 min (approx.) via Kaithal-Dhand Road from New Bus Stand, Manjhla. This Bus stand is 11 kms (via NH152) and 13Kms (via Kaithal-Dhand Road) away from the destination.