Title Date Description Address Download/Link
Form 1 for Physical Fitness 31/03/2018 Download(24 KB)
Form 1A for Medical Certificate 31/03/2018 Download(89 KB)
Form 2 for the Grant of Learner’s License 31/03/2018 Download(54 KB)
Form 8 for the addition of new class of vehicles to a Driving Licence 31/03/2018 Download(33 KB)
Form 9 for the Renewal of Driving Licence 31/03/2018 Download(80 KB)
Form for Brick Kiln Licence Form ‘A’ 31/03/2018 Download(9 KB)
Form 20 for New Vehicle Registration 31/03/2018 Download(49 KB)
Form 25 for Renewal of Vehicle Registration 31/03/2018 Download(45 KB)
Form 28 for No Objection Certificate of Vehicle Registration 31/03/2018 Download(102 KB)
Form 29 for Transfer of ownership for Vehicle Registration 31/03/2018 Download(88 KB)