Places of Interest

Vidhikyar Sarovar

‘Vidhikayar Sarovar’ is one of the most famous historical and religious places. According to myths a poor business man named Vidhu who took responsibility of building this sarovar. He remained worried about the digging of the pond. It is said that at night he heard god voice which said to him, “Start digging the pond and don’t worry about the expenditures”. The next morning when the digging was started, many gold coins were found from the pond. Vidhu built many temples round the pond because many gold coins were left out after digging the pond completely. After that this Sarovar was named as ‘vidhikyar’. That is why this pond is associated to people’s religions feelings.

The various temples of Gods and Goddesses, Nehru Park which has the tombs of Saha kamal Kadari and Kadari Sikandar give a religious and historical. Importance to this Sarovar.

Gurudawara Neem Sahab

This Gurudwara is situated near Dogran Gate. The Nineth Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur along with his family reached here in Kartik Badi Saka Sanwat 1723 in ‘Tandihar Tiratha’. It is said that Guruji after morning bath went to meditate under a neem tree. His followers began to have a look of Guruji one of them suffered from acute fever. Guruji gave him leaves of neem to eat and he got well after eating there leaves. After a long time a Gurudwara was constructed on this place which was known as Gurudawara Neem Sahab. After that this Gurudwara was associated with the religious feeling of people. People from all community come here for prayer and earn ‘Punaya’ by taking a holy dip in the sarovar built in this Gurudwara. The Sarovar is attached to this Gurudwara attract people.

Phalgoo Tirth

Pharal is quite an ancient village. The famous Phalakivana mentioned in Mahabharta and Puranas is on this place and perhaps on this basis this place was popularized as Pharal. Phalakivana and Phalaki Tirth is situated on the bank of river ‘Drishdatli’ Adhishom Krishan from the Padvas made ‘Tap’ here for two years. This was very dear to gods. Here they made ‘Tap’ for centuries.

Sh. Gyarah Rudari Shiv Mandir

Sh. Gyarah Rudri Shiv Temple of Mahabharat’s time is situated in the Chandana gate of Kaithal city. This temple is popular for its religious and architectural (aristocratic) favourism throughout the country. It is believed that Shree Gyarah Rudari Shiv Mandir is ranked same status after Kanshi.

It is faith that Lord Shiva was worshipped by Arjuna to get special (Pashupat) weapon. The people believe that Pandvas were upset with the destruction after Mahabharat’s war. Then Lord Krishana suggested to establish Nav Garah Pujjan by Dharam Raj Yudhistra, he set up Navgarah kund at Kaithal. These Kunds were Surya Chander, Mangal, Budha, Baraspatti, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketu and at the same time these ancient temples were made. This temple was laid down by Andhya 250 years before some other historic facts describe this temple was constructed by Bhai Udya Singh’s wife.

This old structure of the temple contains Shiv Linga with Lords Gyarah (eleven) Avtaras and Nanadi.

Ambkeswar Mahadev Mandir

This temple was in existence before the time of Mahabharta. The Shivlinga came of this temple is also known as ‘Pataleshwer and ‘swayamkinga’ According to historical facts, Pirthivi Raj Chauhan and his army sheltered here at the time of war with Mohamood Gauri and the king of Shilla Khera rehabilitated this temple. As a result Pirthvi Raj Chauhan defeated Mohamood Gauri sixteen times.

According to a myth, the Muslims tried to break the shivlinga in Ambkeswer temple but it is said that when they attacked the Linga, blood started flowing from it and the Mushlims got frightened to see it. The marks of attack can be visualised even today. There is a man leveled statue of Goddess Kali or Ambika in this temple.

Devi Mandir Fatehpur

An ancient temple of goodness Madumati is situated in Fatehpur village. According to a resident of village Fatehpur, Sh. Suraj Walia that his ancestor Bir Singh Ahluwalia saw goddess Madumati in dream and said that she was lying the pond of Mohna village for a long time, *come and took me away* Bir Singh said that the pond was a big and large one and it was impossible to locate the statue of goddess. After some days goddess again appeared in his dream and said he would come on the pond along with villagers. She would strike his feet and took me out. The statue of goddess was established at that place. This place is known as Devi Mandir Fatehpur. A big fair is organized here every year and people come for the darshan of goddess.

Symbal of Hindu- Muslim unity –Hazrat Baba Shah Kamal Kadri and Sidh Baba Sheetal Puri Ji Maharaj

Mazar of Hazrat Baba Shaha Kamal Kadri is a living example of Hindu-Muslim unity, situated in Jawahar park of Kaithal city. A large crowd of people come here on Thursday. One Mazar belong to Hazart Baba Shah Kamal and another belongs to his grandson Shah Sikander Kadri. Here people take a vow and pay their regard. It is surprising fact a Hindu, Late. Roshan Lal Gupta took care of these Mazars for 25 years.

Shitla Mata Mandir

There is a famous Kund (pond) out of Navagarh Kunds build during Mahabharta times, On the bank of this Kund, there stands a temple of Shitla Mata. The famous Mata Gate was also named after it. People worship Goddess shitla with sweet Dalia, Gulgule, Batase, Rice and earthen lamps to get rid of Chicken Pox. Before partition the Muslim Jogi used to worship in this temple big fair is organized here on the Amavasya of Chaitra month. A great number of pilgrims from Punjab and Haryana come here and perform the ‘Mundan’ of their children.

The Bazigars worship here believing the goddess as Kali Mata. In the same campus, a fair in the name of Phool make is organized weekly every Thursday.

Kapil Muni Mandir Kalayat

This place is situated on the state highway no. 65 between Kaithal and Narwana. Every year a fair is organised on the Puranmasi of kartika month in the memory of Kapil Muni. There is a large pond. Hundreds of people gather here.

This place is known as Kapil Muni Ashram. Time to time a lot of Mahatma and Saints took birth on this land of Rishies and Munis. This place having a population of 25,000 has its own importance. Maharshi Kapil Muni performed great tapsya here and established ‘Sankhya Darshan’. After that this place was known as Kapilayat and then Kalayat. King Saliwan built many temples here. These temples have a architectural value and importance.

This town has association with Mahabharta as well. It is known that the village Kharak Pandwa and Ramgarh were established as the Camps of Pandvas Army. The coin and idols found in the ponds are its solid proof. “Ancient Temple-Chaywan Rishi splendid Temple is situated in CHAUSHALA village, in the memory of Chaywan Rishi, from 40 Km away from KAITHAL city and in the south side of city. Every year, fairs are organized on FALGUN Sudi and on Sawan Sudi on two Sundays, because Chaywan Rishi made deep meditation and at the time of meditation, so much soil was covered on his body that no part of his body was visible except his eyes and body was like a heap of soil. At this time Maharaja Shiryati reached there with his army and family and camped for rest. King Shiryati’s daughter with her friends came there walking were Chaywan Rishi was meditating, the girl Sukanya, saw wrack of two eyes in the heap of soil and she pricked a straw in both of eyes turn by turn and blood came from that sparkle and she was surprised when she saw this, she felt afraid and came to her parents. The whole family and army were in deep pain before she reached home. King Shiryati was anxious for the reason of this pain. The girl told the king that she has made a great mistake. She pricked a straw in the heap of soil in shining place from where blood came out. King Shiryati understands that this is the sacred land of Rishies and a Rishi may be meditating here and this is the reason of this aguish.

King Shiryati came there with his daughter where Rishi was meditating and his whole body was covered with earth. He begged pardon for the mistake of his daughter and his daughter was married to Chaywan Rishi. Chaywan Rishi was aged and the girl was young. During this Ashwani Kumar, Vaidhya, came there and he noticed that the man is aged and woman is young. Vaidhya Ashwani Kumar, prepared a medicine immediately and gave it to Chaywan Rishi. After using it he became young again. Later on, this medicine became famous as Chaywan Prash.

Every year about 50,000 people came here to pay tribute and grand fairs are held on moonlit night Sunday in the month of Falgun and Sawan.