Administrative Setup

The Deputy Commissioner is overall in-charge of the general administration in the district. He/She is under the administrative control of Commissioner, Karnal Division, Karnal. In fact, the state government authorities descends through the Divisional Commissioner to the Deputy Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner has to perform triple functions, as he/she is at once the Deputy Commissioner, the District Magistrate and the District Collector.

As Deputy Commissioner, he/she is the executive head of the district with multifarious responsibilities. He/She has a special role to play in the Panchayati Raj. In addition to keeping an eye on the working of Panchayti Raj institutions, he/she guides the Panchayats , Panchayat Samitis, municipalities, market committies and improvement trusts and helps them to overcome difficulties and problems.

As District Magistrate, he/she is responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the district. He/She is the principal executive magistrate for the enforcement of the security measures and exercises judicial powers under certain sections of the preventive chapters of the code of criminal procedure. The Superintendent of police who heads the police force in the district assists the District Magistrate to maintain law and order.

As Collector, he/she is the chief officer of the revenue administration in the district and is responsible for collection of revenue and all dues recoverable as arrears of land revenue. He/She is the highest revenue judicial authority in the district.