Demography / District Directory

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District Kaithal
Area 2317 Sq Km
Disivion Karnal
No. of Subdivisions 3 Kaithal, Guhla, Kalayat
No. of Tehsils 4 Kaithal, Guhla, Pundri, Kalayat
No. of Subtehsils 3 Dhand, Rajound Siwan
No. of Blocks 7 Kaithal, Guhla, Pundri, Kalayat, Siwan, Rajound, Dhand
No. of Revenue Villages 277
 No. of Municipal Council 1 Kaithal
No. of Municipal Committees 4 Kalayat, Cheeka, Pundri, Rajound
No. of Parliamentary Constituency 1 Kurukshetra (2)
No. of Assembly Constituencies 4 Guhla (15), Kalayat(16), Kaithal(17), Pundri(18)