Pawan Hrad Tirtha, Pabnawa

Category Religious

Pawanhrad literally means the lake related to the wind god. This shrine was named Pawanhrad because of its association with the deity of the wind. The literal meaning of similar symptoms (Pawan + aab) is also a reservoir related to wind. For this reason, it seems that over time, the name of this village has become Pabnawa after being disillusioned with Pawanab.

This pilgrimage is found in Mahabharata, Padma Purana and Vamana Purana. While in the Mahabharata it is said to be related to the deity of the wind, while the Vamana Purana establishes its association with the Mahadev and the deity of the wind, while in the Padma Purana it is related to Maharishi Dadhichi.

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport from Kaithal is Chandigarh Airport and is approx. 120 Kms away. The Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi is 190.6 Kms away.

By Train

Kaithal Railway Station is approximately 32 Kms away from Pabnawa.

By Road

The driving distance from Kaithal to Pabnawa is 29.8 Kms and it takes 40 minutes to reach Pabnawa.