Rinamochana Tirtha - Rasina


Vamana, Brahma and Matsya Puranas describe about its sanctity and importance widely. Mahabharata does not refer about it. Pauranika scriptures call it `Rinamochana’ or `Rinaparamochana’. In general language it got the name of `Rinamochana’.

According to a brief tale, in the old times king Kakshivana had two sons. His oldest son `Prithushrava’ didn’t marry and not paid any type of obeisance to Agni. Second son also did so. On seeing this, the Pitrigana advised them that should go to the bank of Gautami, take a bath in it and perform `Tarpana’. After performing all these rituals the eldest brother will become free from `Pitririna’ and younger brother from `Parivitti’ (due to being elder brother unmarried, if younger gets married, the latter one becomes sinful and remains unhappy) sin. They performed all sites with pure heart and became free from all sins. According to Brahma Purana Rinamochana sanctum makes a man free from Shrauta, Smriti and other types of all sins.

A devotee becomes happy after taking bath and offering donations here. `Tatra snancna danana sisni muktaha sukhi bhavet’. Vamana Purana says that served by Lord Brahma a devotee who worship here remains free from Deva, Risi and Pitri loans.

`Rinairmukta bhavennityam devarsipitri sambhsvaiha’

A pool also exists where two ghats are there, one for males and second for females.

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  2. Vamana Purana/Chap. 41/6.

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport from Kaithal is Chandigarh Airport and is approx. 120 Kms away. The Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi is 190.6 Kms away.

By Train

Kaithal Railway Station is 29 Kms away from Rasina.

By Road

The driving distance from Kaithal to Rasina is 28 Kms and it takes 33 minutes to reach Rasina.