National Urban Livelihood Mission


The aim of the scheme is to provide self-employment opportunities for the poor families living in the urban areas by developing social, economic capacity and through training and financial assistance, strengthening their livelihood so that they can live a respectful life, this scheme (National Urban Livelihood Mission) has been implemented by the Haryana Government from 01-04-2014 in the City Council Kaithal only in District Kaithal. City Mission Management U at the urban level. Comments (CMMU) has been formed | The details of the items under this scheme are as follows

Self employment program

This component includes personal and group will ensure the enterprise for loans suo financing | Individual (Rs 2.00 million) Always Group (Rs million maximum) will be payable by replacing the prevailing interest rates by banks on loans to seven per cent individual / group and will be in the form of grants under the Affordable plan of remaining interest | Loan term is proposed for 5-7 years. This component will be managed by the taskforce set up at the urban level.

Self-help group program

Under this scheme self-help group of women of 10 or more will be formed and only 7 percent interest rate members, instead of interest rate prevailing by banks, on the loans of women self-help group Will be payable by itself and remaining interest will be born as a grant under the scheme.

Employment through skill training and planning

Various attempts to eradicate poverty in urban areas are being undertaken by the government under various schemes. Urban youth who are unable to mobilize the means of employment for their livelihood, or are unable to do jobs or business in the absence of education and technical knowledge.The scheme aim is to give free training to such youth, to develop their livelihood resources.

Assistance to urban street vendors

In this component, identify the path vendors in them, and provide them with social security, skill upgradation (1-2 day training), bank, linkage and loan facility, identity card, place to be determined for vendor etc. Will be benefited from this. 5% of the allocation will be spent on this component and the maximum amount of Rs. 750 / – per person will be spent on the training.

Ashram Yojana for the urban poor

Under this component, the community shelter house will be provided and the basic amenities (kitchen, water, toilets, electricity, entertainment etc.) will be provided by the construction of community shelter house. Such ashram buildings will be constructed near all railway stations, bus stands, markets, etc. in all mission cities. The management and management of these buildings and facilities will be done by the management committee / full time employees / others formed for this purpose. In the area of ​​the city council Kaithal, a temporary ashram site has been built on the Valmiki Community Center, Sirta Road.

Instructions for applying under National Urban Livelihood Mission

The National Urban Livelihood Mission for the upliftment of the urban poor has been operated in all the municipalities of District Kaithal (Cheema, Pundari, Kalaat, Rajond) from 16.01.2017 with the joint efforts of the Government of India, Haryana Government and Urban bodies.

The individual (Rupees 2.00 lakhs) and the group (Rupees 10 lakh maximum) will be liable to pay the loan interest rate of 7% instead of interest rate prevailing by banks on loan, and the remaining interest is given to the concerned banks by the government in the form of a grant. Will go Loan term is proposed for 5-7 years.

The applicant must be applicant or group member of the program from 18 to 45 years.

The applicant’s academic qualification is 5th.

It is mandatory that Applicant is BPL card holder

The applicant should not be the defaulter of any bank.

This scheme is related to the municipality (Kaithal) / municipalities (Cheema, Pundari, Kalaat, Rajond). If an applicant wants to apply, then a loan form can be received from the Municipal Council / Municipalities and Additional Deputy Commissioner. In addition, this application can also be obtained from the district’s website The date of depositing the loan with full documents is 25.01.2017.

The selection of the beneficiaries will be done by various sections such as Women, Scheduled Castes, Disabled and Minorities etc., as per guidelines of the Government of India, NULM. For detailed description, the website of the Government of India and Additional Deputy Commissioner can be obtained from the office.