Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme(MPLADS)

Date : 23/12/1993 - |


The MPLAD Scheme was launched on 23rd December, 1993, to provide a mechanism for the Members of Parliament to recommend works of development nature for creation of durable community assets and for provision of certain basic facilities including community infrastructure, based on locally felt needs. Thus, addressing locally felt developmental and infrastructural needs and bridging the gap for developmental works is envisaged under the Scheme. The MPLADS is a Plan Scheme fully funded by Govt. of India. In 1993-94, when the Scheme was launched, an amount of Rs. 5 lakh per Member of Parliament was allotted which became Rupees one crore per annum per MP constituency from 1994-95. This was stepped up to Rs. 2 crore from 1998-99 and now it is Rs.5 crore per annum from the financial year 2011-12.

The Rural Development Department is the Nodal Department for implementing MPLAD Scheme in Haryana State. The monthly progress reports are being submitted regularly to the Govt. of India directly by the respective Nodal Districts. The entitlement of Annual Funds of the State for each year is Rs.75.00 Crore (Rs.50.00 Crore for Lok Sabha + Rs.25.00 Crore for Rajya Sabha). The concerned MPs are also kept informed by the District Officers with regard to sanctioning of funds, expenditure incurred, works recommended, sanctioned, completed etc.

A list of prohibited works under MPLADS is annexed at “Annexure-A”  and list of permissible works is annexed at “Annexure-B” .