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Activities of Agriculture


Kaithal district came in to being as a result of bifurcation of Kurukshetra district on 4th November 1989.Total area of the district is 2.28 lac.hect,(2789 sq.km.). There are 276 villages having a cultivable area of 2.02 lac.hect & cultivated area being 2.01 lac. hect. Area under forest is 3000 hect, barren & uncultivable land is 2000 hect. 0.97 lac hect land is irrigated by canals & 1.01 lac hect by canals. The cropping intensity of the district is 182% approximate, which varies year to year.

General Works

General Works Target
• Block Demonstration Plot on Urd, Moong, Soyabean, Sunflower, Gram, Lentil, Mustard 10, 20, 20, 10, 40, 20, 20
• IPM Demonstration (Soyabean) 10 Acres
• Front Line Demonstration (Cotton) 200 Acres
• Knap-sack Spray Pump (Cotton) 1000 Nos.
• 100% Seed Treatment camps Whole District
• Kharif Farmers Field School 30 (Paddy crops)
• Kharif Farmers Field School 5 ( Cotton crops)
• Kharif Farmer Training Camp on Pulses & Oilseed One District level
• Farmer Training Camp (Cotton crop) 10 Village level
• Demonstration Plot (Paddy crop) 8 Acres
• Farmers Training Camp (Kharif crops) 8 Village level
• Vermi compost for Ladies SC/ST/BC/BPL Family @ Rs. 1200/- per unit Subsidy
180 Unit
• Rat Campaign at district level 100 Kg Zinc Phosphide

Climatic Condition

The climate varies from hot to very hot in May-June but in July-August it is found to be humid to sub humid. There are vary shivering cold waves in winter as witnessed during the last three-four years. The average rain fall of the district is 500-600 M.M.per year. In summer very dusty winds blow at no. of times causing Irritating heat. Similarly in winter, as stated above the foggy conditions prevails for couple of weeks together.

Soils and under Ground Water Strata

• To avail farmers Gypsum on 50% & 75% Subsidy.

• Free Daincha Seed is being distributed for crop improvement by green manuring.

• To improve the soil health and to popularise pulses crop Summer Moong seed is being distributed to the farmers on 50% subsidy.

25% Subsidy on Agricultural Implements

• Zero Tillage Machine 70 Nos.
• Rotavator 40 Nos.
• Star Reaper 50 Nos.
• Land Leveller 1 Nos.

Grains storage

Grains storage
• Metallic bin in 10 Qtl 170 225
• Metallic bin in 5 Qtl 46 31
• 50% Subsidy on Celphos 50 kg  
  Deputy Director of Agriculture, Kaithal

Crop pattern

Kharif Crops
Rabi Crops
Oil Seeds

Irrigation System

As stated above the district has a cultivable area of 2.02 lac hect out of which the net irrigated area is 1.98 lac hect. Canal is main Source of irrigation as the tube wells are not that much successful in the district specially in Kalayat and Rajound where the Electrical Conductivity is very on the high side. The farmers had erected open and under ground channel for irrigation and during the year 1995-97,ten sprinkler sets were also installed in Cheeka block.

Diversification of Agriculture

The traditional farming is getting out of sight day by day and the farmers are showing their keen interest to diversify their farming in order to create regular and constant source of income with the minimum expenditure involving the very least risk their in. State Govt. has encouraged the farmers and launched several projects in the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and other allied agencies. The farmers are now adopting the following schemes under the guidance of technical experts.

1.   Drip irrigation system
2.   Sprinkler irrigation system
3.   Under ground water system (Drainage and Irrigation)
4.   Zero tillage sowing
5.   Power paddy transplanting
6.   Poultry farming
7.   Piggery farming
8.   Forestry
9.   Floriculture
10. Mushroom cultivation
11. Straw-berry cultivation
12. Dairy farming
13. Wormi-culture
14. Compost
15. Biofertilizer
16. Bee-Keeping
17. Spice cultivation
18. Food preservation
19. Fish farming
20. In Kaithal district the farmers have shown keen interest in diverting themselves to the vegetables and floriculture razing 180000 gladiolus sticks of flowers and 50130 tones of vegetable besides fruit plantation on 423.5 hect, area